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S&G Records Nianatty ‘One Love Stylee’ Repress

The killer roots-lovers tune is finally repressed!

For years, the original presses have been going on discogs for over 150£. But it is now available to all those who have been dreaming of one day adding it to their collection.
Indeed, London’s Supertone Records have re-released it alongside another S&G Records killer tune: Naggo Morris ‘Going Places’.

For any roots fans out there, these two are a must to add to your vinyl crate.



OBF feat. MR Williamz – Mandela


We are not even halfway through 2015 but it seems like the biggest release of the year has just arrived, courtesy of OBF and Mr Williamz.

Any release by OBF tends to make a lot of noise, and although this comes fairlly quickly after their first LP release, it is ready to steal the spotlight: OBF have been mashing up dances for the last year with this tune, so it is a great choice to bring it out as their first 7″.

On the A-side, Mr Williamz pays a conscious tribute to Nelson ‘Madiba’ Mandela, “the great freedom fighter from outa South Africa”. His lyrics and flow tie in  perfectly with OBF’s heavyweight riddim. This distinct brand of digital stepper, recognizable by it’s heavy bass lines and a slow tempo, has been OBF’s trademark style for a long time. But this does not mean it has lost any of its power, and anyone who has seen OBF in action can vouch for that.

The version itself is a fairly untouched instrumental, with a few effects and additions, but that will still work wonders in the dancehall.

Don’t miss it!

O.B.F feat. Mr. Williamz – Mandela (OBF Records)

A: Mr Williamz – Mandela
B: O.B.F – Version


Benidub – Reconquering Lion ft. Vivian Jackson


Behold! The famous dubplate ‘Reconquering Lion’ has finally been released on vinyl this week, and i’m pretty sure it’s also sold out.
Produced by Benidub, it uses samples from a 90s Vivian Jackson recording and overlays heavy bass and powerfull stepper rhythms. After the mix was finalised in 2005, It has been a King David Warriors Sound System dubplate, and passed on to some of the biggest european sounds, most notably King Shiloh.
While it has not made as much noise as the Dubkasm ‘Victory’ release last year, it has long been awaited by many dubheads and sound system fanatics (including myself)

In contrast to “Reconquering’s” warrior-like sound, the B-Side is much more melodic. While still heavily reliant on bass, the melodica and very slow pace turn it into a deep dub; mixing Tubby-like effects and digital sounds.

We will be hearing a lot more of Benidub in the future, as new releases are planned on the Echotronix label.

B1: 6.00 DUB
B2: 6:00 VERSION 


Mahom Dub – The Skankin’ Cat


Mahom Dub have been making their way through the French and European sound system scene since 2006, and anyone who has seen them live knows that they bring with them a fantastic live act.
They have now released their third album at the start of October: “The Skanking Cat”, named after their mascot and good luck cat figurine that follows them on all of their sets.

Their first release « Underground Dubwise » was a deep, very meditative album; filled with a slow, quite minimalist stepper dub. Their second album « Dub by Sub » further cemented Mahom’s particular style but built much more on electronic sounds.

Interestingly their third release seems very different while at the same time staying true to their ‘original” sound. The Skankin’ Cat remains a heavily stepper album, and tracks like “Sous Les Etoiles”, “Cerbere 2.0”, “Inna Di Red”, and the soothing “Earth” (feat. Art-X on the melodica) quickly remind us of the earlier work.

But the album also widens its scope considerably, and ends up being much more energetic and upbeat. The more electronic incursions (such as « Deep in Your », the title song « The Skankin’ Cat », and the apply named « Rough and Tough ») lose the meditative vibe that we were used to on the previous albums, and bring in a heavier tone (yes, it’s possible) and a faster pace.
Most importantly though, Mahom have managed to keep the album varied. It does not just dive into deeper shades of stepper. The very rootical « Tricking upon di Track (Feat Simple Spelim) » allows us to catch our breath for a bit, and « Don’t Say You… (feat Jolly Joseph) » is quite a relaxing blend of world music and melodica infused dub.

The last 3 tracks of the album are a series of remixes from fellow french dubmakers Panda Dub, Gary Wilde, and Fabasstone (from Dub Invaders).
Fabasstone’s rework of “Bigvood” sounds like King Tubby entered the21st century, using echoes and reverbs over a sub that could shatter your spine. Panda Dub’s remix of « Tricking » leaves behind all things rootikal and instead ventures into the realms of electro-dub.
Finally, Gary Wilde introduces « The Skankin’ Cat » to basstrap sounds, and it seems like both get on famously.

The Skankin’ Cat is a welcome addition to Mahom Dub’s discography, proving that they indeed deserve their spot in the ever-growing french dub scene.

Mahum Dub – The Skankin’ Cat

Available as free download on http://www.odgprod.com
1 – Don’t say you have never been told feat. Jolly Joseph
2 – Cerbere 2.0
3 – Inna di red
4 – Bigvoods
5 – Earth – feat. Art-X
6 – L’étrange skank de Monsieur Jack
7 – Rough & tough
8 – Tricking upon di track feat. Simple Spelim
9 – Sous les étoiles feat. Flo
10 – The skankin’ cat
11 – Deep in your
12 – Bigvoods – Fabasstone/Dub Invaders Remix
13 – Trickin upon di track – Panda dub Remix
14 – The skankin’ cat – Gary Wide remix

OBF new album ‘Wild’ announced


OBF are probably one of the most well known french sound systems at the moment, on par with the rootikal warriors Blackboard Jungle.
Based in Geneva, and active for nearly a decade, the OBF crew have only produced a limited amount of records. Their first release, “Wicked Haffi Run” alongside Danman, was a huge success, and has now become somewhat of a collector’s dream. It was soon followed by “United We Stand” featuring Kenny Knots; and then by the collaboration with Sis I-leen and Warrior Queen. Last year, they also released their first 12″ on the new label Dubquake Records, featuring Weeding Dub & Inja, while they took care of the B-side.

So it was quite exciting when for the most part of this year, the OBF crew kept mentionning an album in the works, often playing some of these new tracks at their sessions.

But this week they finally announced the official release date and dropped a teaser mix. Guest MCs include Charlie P, Danman, Shanti-D, Fogata Sound’s Troy Berkley, Mikey General and veteran Lone Ranger among others.
True to their style, the album sounds rough ‘n tuff, a collection of stepper-induced electronic dub tunes.

Over the years, OBF have constantly been exploring the more electronic and darker side of steppers dub, and this album sounds like its going to be a collection of their best findings.
Can’t wait!

OBF – Wild
Release date: 6th October
CD / WAV / MP3
LP Release date: Mid-October

Bliss Zion – Freedom Outta Babylon / Maasai Warrior – Fyah Step


Maasai Warrior emerged out of Bristol in 2010, and since then have built a solid reputation around the UK and Europe. With a beautifully designed sound system and some terrifically heavy dubs, they are now leading the new generation of heavyweight UK sounds. Anyone who has been to one of their sessions knows that they can  produce an incredible vibe, through the sheer weight of their system and productions, but also through Paul Maasai’s incredible energy and presence as an MC (they don’t have ‘Warrior’ in their name for nothing).
As such, this year signals their first vinyl release on their own label, featuring Bliss Zion on vocals.

‘Freedom Outta Babylon’ is a deep, politically conscious, bass-heavy track, with Bliss Zion calling out the injustice and corruption that is endemic in the Babylon system. The combination of the soulful voice and the slow stepper riddim results in a profoundly meditative tune.

The B side – ‘Fyah Step’ – is a Young Maasai production, a very minimal yet heavy dub in the pure stepper tradition that would get anyone ready to march in a warrior style, forwards ever. Although the minimalism of the track may seem disconcerting at first, this is because this record is supposed to heard on a sound system. It is through the sound system that the depth of the tracks can really come out, with the bass playing the most important part. Admittedly this applies to most reggae/dub releases, but I think even more so for heavier, more ‘stepper’ oriented tunes, that do not have the horns or the same instrumental melodies that allow the roots-ier songs to be appreciated maybe a bit more when played on normal speakers.
In any case, you should definitely get this record,  and make sure your home system has some good subs!

Maasai Warrior’s Soundcloud
follow them on twitter: @MaasaiWarriorUK


Welders HiFi album preview

Now this is something i’m excited about

Welders HiFi sound system seems to be growing more and more. After having released their first 7″ last summer and adding several scoops to their system in addition to being recently nominated for the “Victoires du Reggae 2014” in the ‘Best Sound System’ category,  they have just announced the release of their first album in march.

You can check out the teaser, but it already looks like one heavyweight album, with a good mix of heavy stepper tunes along side some more toned-down, dubbed-out digital tracks. I’m also enjoying the fact they appear to have quite a few horns and melodica cuts – which is something I think you can never have enough of. They also have several featured guests and the whole thing is mastered by Joris, one half of French crew Mahom Dub – well know for their bass-filled stepper productions.

So look out for this one. Apparently for the moment the release will only be in CD format, but i’m really hoping for a further LP release or at least a few singles in future.