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Top Ten Releases of 2014


  • OBFWild

OBF’s first studio album has been long awaited by stepper fans around Europe, and it does not disappoint. True to OBF’s reputation, “Wild” is an intense trip into some of the darker and heavier sides of digital dub, and features both legends and the new generation of MCs.

  • Chronixx The Dread and Terrible Project

With his debut LP, Chronixx offers a powerful and conscious LP in true ‘reggae revival’ style.

  • Mungo’s HiFiSerious Time

Mungo’s HiFI confirm their place in the spotlight with Serious Time, a third albums that fully exemplifies their “forward thinking reggae music” ethos.

  • Tuff Scout All StarsTuff Scout Inna London Dub

A heavy dub tour of London courtesy of the Tuff Scout All Stars.

  • Dub DynastyThundering Mantis

Dub Dynasty (aka Alpha & Omega + Alpha Steppa) takes UK Dub to new heights.

  • Black RootsGhetto Feel

The legendary outfit Black Roots return with “Ghetto Feel”: a conscious, horns-filled LP

  • Addis PabloIn My Father’s House

While this remains a hommage to the legendary Augustus Pablo, Addis Pablo doesn’t stay in his father’s shadow. Instead, this album is a showcase of his own sound and mesmerizing talent for the melodica.

  • Midnite – Ride Tru

Although incredibly prolific, each one of Midnite’s albums are works of art: conscious, spiritual, and deeply infused with Rastafarian thought. This one is no exception.

  • DJ VadimThe Dubcatcher

Dj Vadim is mostly known for his work with hip-hop, but with ‘The Dubcatcher’ he proves that Dub and Reggae are no strangers to him.

  • Tour de ForceBattle Cry

The first album from Brooklyn’s heavyweight sound system is a tour de force (pardon the pun), perfectly blending dubstep and bass music with the dub and reggae roots traditions.


  • Specialist Moss Feat. MR WilliamzDub Style EP 12″

  • BenidubReconquering Lion feat. Vivian Jackson (Echotronix) 10″

  • Iron Dubz80s Fashion Vol 1 EP 10″

  • Danny RedRasta We Rasta (Youths & Truths) 12″

  • Pablo MosesReady Aim Fire (Repress on ‘Rebirth Records’) 7″

  • GroundationJuggernaut/Fa’ward (Repress on ‘Reggae Archive Records’) 12″

  • Junior KhadaffyRampers Music (Repress on ‘Stereo Uprising’) 7″

  • Don FeJericho (Steppas Records) 12″

  • Moa AnbessaWatch Dem feat. Prince David (Moa Anbessa Italy) 12″

  • Prince JamoHercules (Zion Gate Music) 12″


OBF new album ‘Wild’ announced


OBF are probably one of the most well known french sound systems at the moment, on par with the rootikal warriors Blackboard Jungle.
Based in Geneva, and active for nearly a decade, the OBF crew have only produced a limited amount of records. Their first release, “Wicked Haffi Run” alongside Danman, was a huge success, and has now become somewhat of a collector’s dream. It was soon followed by “United We Stand” featuring Kenny Knots; and then by the collaboration with Sis I-leen and Warrior Queen. Last year, they also released their first 12″ on the new label Dubquake Records, featuring Weeding Dub & Inja, while they took care of the B-side.

So it was quite exciting when for the most part of this year, the OBF crew kept mentionning an album in the works, often playing some of these new tracks at their sessions.

But this week they finally announced the official release date and dropped a teaser mix. Guest MCs include Charlie P, Danman, Shanti-D, Fogata Sound’s Troy Berkley, Mikey General and veteran Lone Ranger among others.
True to their style, the album sounds rough ‘n tuff, a collection of stepper-induced electronic dub tunes.

Over the years, OBF have constantly been exploring the more electronic and darker side of steppers dub, and this album sounds like its going to be a collection of their best findings.
Can’t wait!

OBF – Wild
Release date: 6th October
CD / WAV / MP3
LP Release date: Mid-October

Frenchtown Hifi Vol. 1 Release


Over the past several years, France has become one of the new hubs for dub and sound system culture. It now hosts some of the biggest reggae festivals in Europe (such as the Reggae Sun Ska and Garance Reggae Festival), the dubs coming out of the country are being played at sessions all over the world, and the number of sound systems and crews continues to grow (the magazine I-leaf attempted to list all the sounds in France, and made a poster of its results).

It’s with this backdrop that Ras Mykha and Dub Livity decided to put together a sample of France’s dynamic scene. Spread over 2 CDs are a collection of 35 tracks, most of them exclusive and unreleased, that show off the best french dubmakers and singers.

Quite refreshing is the amount of female voices on the compilation; from the already well known Marina P, Daba Makourejah and Mo’Kalamity, to the newer (and welcome) voices of Jazzy Lei, Sista Charlotte and Sis Irecla. But the album is also balanced with talented male MCs such as Joe Pilgrim, Ras Mykha, Yehoud I and Jacko.

The productions have a distinctive ‘french’ touch, mostly defined by a roots and dub stepper sound, but are spread out across the whole spectrum, ranging from Ackboo’s heavy “Lef Mi Nuh Babylon” to the mellow and conscious “Rise Up” by Inner Rose. There are also a few digital injections, courtesy of Creation Culture.

But whether you are curious about the state of the french dub scene, or you are simply seeking new sounds, you should definitely give this compilation a listen.
And hopefully “Vol.1” hints at a number of future follow ups.

Various Artists – Frenchtown Hifi Vol.1 (Frenchtown Records/Musicast)
Buy on Itunes

CD1 :

  1. K-Sänn Dub System – Beware (feat. Sis Irecla)
  2. K-Sänn Dub System – Beware Dub
  3. Roots Ista Posse – Tell Them Again (feat. Ras Mykha)
  4. Roots Ista Posse – Tell Deh Melodica
  5. Rootical 45 – We Are The Generation (feat. Daba Makourejah)
  6. Rootical 45 – Dub Generation
  7. Barbés.D – Stop di Shado (DiscoMix) (feat. Ras Hassen Ti)
  8. Jacin – Conscious Education (feat. Adé)
  9. Jacin – Conscious Education version
  10. Indy Boca – Hopeful (feat Sista Aude & Far Esat)
  11. Indy Boca – Hopefull Dub
  12. Dawa Hifi – War & Crime
  13. Dawa Hifi – War & Crime Dub
  14. Jahspora – We Try (feat. Humble Youth)
  15. Jahspora – Try Dub
  16. Ackboo – Lef Mi Nuh Babylon
  17. Ackboo – Dub Mi Nuh Babylon

CD2 :

  1. Scient’Sim – Change (feat. Jazzy Leï)
  2. Scient’Sim – Change In Dub
  3. Mo Kalamity & The Wizards – Majesty
  4. Mo Kalamity & The Wizards – Majesty Dub
  5. Nyabin Sound – Mr President (feat. Jacko)
  6. Nyabin Sound – President Dub
  7. B High – Beware (feat. Marina P)
  8. B High – Dubplate Born To Be High
  9. Odessa – Youthman (feat. Yehoud I)
  10. Odessa – Youthman Dub
  11. Inner Rose – Rise Up
  12. Inner Rose – Rise Up (Dub by Pilah)
  13. Creation Culture – Take It Easy (feat. Sista Bethsabée)
  14. Creation Culture – Dub It Easy
  15. ITP Music – My Enemy (feat. Sista Charlotte)
  16. ITP Music – Dub My Enemy
  17. Fu Steps – To The Next Generation
  18. Fu Steps – Dub Generation

Mungo’s Hi Fi – Serious Time

Mungo’s HiFi, the sound system champions, are back with their new album “Serious Time”, taking reggae music forwards ever.


What is apparent with this album is how versatile Mungo’s HiFi have become. Their debut album “Sound System Champions” had a very roots feel to it, with a lot of horns, rub a dub and ska overtones. On the other hand, “Forward Ever” seemed to be much more of an exploration, where they appeared to be searching for their own style, incorporating hints of dubstep, digital, and more electronic aesthetics.

With Serious Time, Mungo’s HiFi seem to have now found their place. The word that comes to mind is confident. Although their tunes vary from roots and dancehall to more modern sounds – it is still possible to say that they all have a ‘Mungo’s feel’ to them. While they acknowledge the influence of roots and maybe more old school stuff, they have managed not to get stuck into one particular genre. One could say this album represents Mungo’s HiFi’s ethos, which is – well, “Forward Ever”, to go beyond any attempt to pigeonhole.

Most of the songs in the album have been sound system scorchers for the last year or so, with crowds dancing to them without being able to listen to them outside of sessions (yeah, “Nice it up”, I’m looking at you!). And as always the selection of guest MCs is great, mixing established artists with up-and-coming talent.

Cornel Campbell’s “Jah Say Love” and Warrior Queen’s “Can’t Stand It” provide the rootsier side of the album. “Can’t Stand It” is especially refreshing. Recently Warrior Queen has been featured mainly on dubstep and more bass orientated tunes, so hearing her over a riddim that could have come straight out of 70’s jamaica works wonders.

Speng Bond’s “Animal Dance”, “Gunman Posse” with Peter Metro & Squiddly, and Blackout JA’s “Overcome” bring it back to the dancehall days, and you can be sure they will make any session several degrees hotter.

And then we have Mungo’s HiFi’s more modern sounds. In Dancehall School”, Solo Banton teaches us Dancehall 101 with a vocal dexterity that only he can master over Mungo’s take on Sleng Teng; while Marina P’s “Slavery” combines conscious lyrics and a deep, dubstep induced riddim.


To be honest, from “31st Century Song” and “Thinking of an Island’s” early digital sounds, to “Babylon A Come’s” stepper influence, it is safe to say there is something for everyone on this album.

Also, the design of the album cover. I mean come on – I would have happily bought the record just for that!  Great work from My Lord Sound’s Ellen G.

Mungo’s Hi Fi – Serious Time
01. Serious time feat. YT
02. Can’t stand it feat. Warrior Queen
03. 31st Century song feat. Soom T
04. Bike Rider feat. Pupajim
05. Thousand style feat. Mr Williamz
06. Animal dance feat. Speng Bond
07. Thinking of an island feat. Soom T
08. Slavery feat. Marina P
09. Dancehall school feat. Solo Banton
10. Nice it up feat. Charlie P
11. Gunman posse feat. Peter Metro & Squiddly
12. Overcome feat. Blackout JA
13. Traveller feat. Charlie P
14. Babylon a come feat. Parly B
15. Jah say love feat. Cornel Campbell

Available at Scotch Bonnet Records


Welders HiFi album preview

Now this is something i’m excited about

Welders HiFi sound system seems to be growing more and more. After having released their first 7″ last summer and adding several scoops to their system in addition to being recently nominated for the “Victoires du Reggae 2014” in the ‘Best Sound System’ category,  they have just announced the release of their first album in march.

You can check out the teaser, but it already looks like one heavyweight album, with a good mix of heavy stepper tunes along side some more toned-down, dubbed-out digital tracks. I’m also enjoying the fact they appear to have quite a few horns and melodica cuts – which is something I think you can never have enough of. They also have several featured guests and the whole thing is mastered by Joris, one half of French crew Mahom Dub – well know for their bass-filled stepper productions.

So look out for this one. Apparently for the moment the release will only be in CD format, but i’m really hoping for a further LP release or at least a few singles in future.