Benidub – Reconquering Lion ft. Vivian Jackson


Behold! The famous dubplate ‘Reconquering Lion’ has finally been released on vinyl this week, and i’m pretty sure it’s also sold out.
Produced by Benidub, it uses samples from a 90s Vivian Jackson recording and overlays heavy bass and powerfull stepper rhythms. After the mix was finalised in 2005, It has been a King David Warriors Sound System dubplate, and passed on to some of the biggest european sounds, most notably King Shiloh.
While it has not made as much noise as the Dubkasm ‘Victory’ release last year, it has long been awaited by many dubheads and sound system fanatics (including myself)

In contrast to “Reconquering’s” warrior-like sound, the B-Side is much more melodic. While still heavily reliant on bass, the melodica and very slow pace turn it into a deep dub; mixing Tubby-like effects and digital sounds.

We will be hearing a lot more of Benidub in the future, as new releases are planned on the Echotronix label.

B1: 6.00 DUB
B2: 6:00 VERSION 



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