Bliss Zion – Freedom Outta Babylon / Maasai Warrior – Fyah Step


Maasai Warrior emerged out of Bristol in 2010, and since then have built a solid reputation around the UK and Europe. With a beautifully designed sound system and some terrifically heavy dubs, they are now leading the new generation of heavyweight UK sounds. Anyone who has been to one of their sessions knows that they can  produce an incredible vibe, through the sheer weight of their system and productions, but also through Paul Maasai’s incredible energy and presence as an MC (they don’t have ‘Warrior’ in their name for nothing).
As such, this year signals their first vinyl release on their own label, featuring Bliss Zion on vocals.

‘Freedom Outta Babylon’ is a deep, politically conscious, bass-heavy track, with Bliss Zion calling out the injustice and corruption that is endemic in the Babylon system. The combination of the soulful voice and the slow stepper riddim results in a profoundly meditative tune.

The B side – ‘Fyah Step’ – is a Young Maasai production, a very minimal yet heavy dub in the pure stepper tradition that would get anyone ready to march in a warrior style, forwards ever. Although the minimalism of the track may seem disconcerting at first, this is because this record is supposed to heard on a sound system. It is through the sound system that the depth of the tracks can really come out, with the bass playing the most important part. Admittedly this applies to most reggae/dub releases, but I think even more so for heavier, more ‘stepper’ oriented tunes, that do not have the horns or the same instrumental melodies that allow the roots-ier songs to be appreciated maybe a bit more when played on normal speakers.
In any case, you should definitely get this record,  and make sure your home system has some good subs!

Maasai Warrior’s Soundcloud
follow them on twitter: @MaasaiWarriorUK


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