Telerama Dub Festival #12


The Télérama Dub Festival has now become one of the biggest French dub festivals. During one whole month, it tours the country with some of the finest french and international dub acts and sound systems.
For this year’s 12th edition, the Telerama Dub festival stopped in 12 towns, including Marseille, Besançon, Montpellier, Bourges and Lyon. At each of these stops, the sound system(s) would be set up and the nights filled with heavy bass and skanking crowds.

But it is this weekend that the grand finale is taking place. The last town is of course Paris, and it looks they are bringing out the big guns.
This saturday will effectively host two of europe’s biggest sounds – OBF sound system from Geneva, and Mungo’s HiFi from Glasgow (in one of their rare appearances in France on their own system). Each sound will have a separate room, and will welcome a number of acts throughout the night, from 8pm until 5am.

The OBF hall will host a very european line-up: Bristol based Dubkasm featuring Solo Banton; France’s Kanka & Biga Ranks, Weeding Dub, and MC Shanti D; Spanish MC Sr Wilson; as well as the collaboration between Ackboo, the Bush Chemists, and S’Kaya.

On the other side of the venue, Mungo’s HiFi’s system will bring the more international flavors. Tour de Force (Dub Stuy) out of Brooklyn will showcase their Battle Cry sound on their first ever french tour; while Sak Dub from Japan will share his distinct style of steppers. Radikal Guru from Poland and Deng Deng HiFi from Sweden will also join the party, alongside Mungo’s HiFi regulars YT and Charlie P.

So if you are in Paris this saturday, you know where to go.

Tickets for the night can be won with Musical Echoes


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