The only good system is a Sound System

The only good system is a sound system

When this blog was set up in November 2013, the aim was to provide a platform to share some of the research I had been collecting for my dissertation.
The feedback has been incredible, and it looks like I will be able to continue to upload interviews, reviews and even some more academic posts.

If the abstract sparks your interest, here is the finalised copy of the dissertation.

As the popularity and scope of reggae has grown in the recent decades, most studies involving the genre have produced debates relating to gender, identities, racial and politico-religious struggles, as well as simple historical accounts. However, there has been very little geographical academic analysis on the space of the sound system: the dancehall. Following post-anarchist theory on radical spaces, this dissertation puts forwards the argument that the space of the sound system session can be understood as an ‘insurrectional space’, by looking at how the dancehall is effectively produced and what it represents for the crews behind the sound systems.
Drawing on qualitative interviews with crews both from the United Kingdom and France, this paper explores how these spaces are created, and how this space becomes part of a wider oppositional discourse; finding that they effectively create a temporary autonomous zone which covertly resists modernist and capitalist conceptions and relationships between the body, space and perception.



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